How We Use Trello to Manage Projects

Trello is very versatile, but not so much that you will get lost in all of your options. It’s a great option for getting started and getting started now.. plus it’s kinda fun as far as project management goes.

This blog covers how we use Trello to manage a project, so we will be talking in absolutes. You, of course, are welcome to use it however works for you.

A Board is for an entity that runs several projects

Our boards are Archaic Media Client, White Labeled Clients and Our PBN.

Each Project Gets a Card

Under each board each project will get a card. Look at it like this, a business will get a card. A website will get a card. If a business has multiple websites, then they should probably each have a card. We name cards in the following.

Business Name: Domain Name

What if a project doesn’t have a website? In all likelihood we should reexamine the project and see if the project lies under a different business.

Each Card Must Have

  • A Checklist/Link

    Each card will have either a list of things to do or a link to a system when the tasks are being tracked (i.e. Another Trello board, the content wheel, or other tracking system.

  • A Member

  • A Due Date

  • A Link to the Website in the Description


Each checklist will contain milestones of progress. If something is far out, add it to a second checklist.

Due Dates

Each card has a due date. The due date is when you will look at the card again. If you would like due dates to correspond to checklists, add it to the checklist title.


Labels are used to denote important milestone. We use green as Optimized and Red as Urgent.

Check and Make Sure Each Card Has a Due Date

To make sure each card has a due date by going to the “Cards” view and scrolling to the bottom.

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