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the eyes of the tiger

Eerie Comics Revisited: The Eyes of the Tiger

An insurance representative gets caught in a cat-loving man’s plot only to see it backfire.

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Eerie_003__1951_The Monster of the Storm

Eerie Comics Revisited: The Monster of the Storm

Can the dead sometimes be more dangerous than the living? John Unter was dead, but then there was the grisly, blood-chilling thing... [favorite_button...

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Eerie Comics Revisited: Nightmare!

Eerie Comics Revisited: Nightmare!

In their greed for power, some nations might go to any length to destroy those who stand in their way to achieve world domination....

Eerie Comics Revisited: Issue 001

Eerie Comics Revisited: Issue 001

The Complete 1st Issue of The Original Eerie Comics The first version of Avon comics Eerie comics was published in 1947 and included art...

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