Eerie Comics Revisited: The Eyes of the Tiger

An insurance representative gets caught in a cat-loving man’s plot only to see it backfire.

At the Mountains of Madness Chapter 3

At the Mountains of Madness Chapter 3

None of us, I imagine, slept very heavily or continuously that morning; for both the excitement of Lake’s discovery and the mounting fury of the wind were against such a thing. So savage was the blast, even where we were, that we could not help wondering how much worse it was at Lake’s camp, directly under the vast unknown peaks that bred and delivered it. McTighe was awake at ten o’clock and tried to get Lake on the wireless, as agreed, but some electrical condition in the disturbed air to the westward seemed to prevent communication. We did, however, get the Arkham, and Douglas told me that he had likewise been vainly trying to reach Lake. He had not known about the wind, for very little was blowing at McMurdo Sound despite its persistent rage where we were.

The Sundowners #1

The Sundowners #1

Billy sits on a bar’s front steps in the small town of Kingsport waiting for the most fearful person he can find.

Next Friday in Eerie Comics Revisited: Dead Man’s Tale

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