Chapter 4: Hellspeak pt 5

Maggie Collins still loved me.

I turned the doorknob, the front door slowly opened. There Maggie was, standing in the middle of the foyer, completely naked, her long chestnut hair was down past her shoulders, her arms open wide.

“Come here,” Maggie commanded.

I did as she said, practically turning a cartwheel.

Later in the night, we lay on a sheet on the floor of the foyer eating Chinese takeout. She was laying on me, her head on my naked chest, finishing off the last of the sweet and sour chicken. I stroked her hair. I could feel the warmth and rhythm of her heartbeats.

“I missed you,” Maggie whispered.

I sighed. “I missed you, too.”

She sat the wax box of Chinese down. She roughly turned around and forced me on my back. She kissed me softly on my bottom lip, then moved up to include both lips. It was warm and pure. I kissed her back, pulling her closer to me. Clinging….securing her body with both hands on her smooth back.

Maggie removed my hands, eased herself off, and lay snug against me. She fumbled for my pack of cigarettes, took one. She found my lighter and lit it. When she exhaled, the stream of smoke looked. I watched it gently slide above us in the air, then dissipate.

“I wish you had never left,” Maggie said.

“It was a fool thing to do. I was confused. Tired. Very tired.”

“Yeah. I was confused a little. But I knew what I wanted.”

“What was that?” Maggie placed the cigarette between my lips. I took a drag.

“You,” She said. “I wanted you. I still do.”

“What about Collins? A very rich and powerful man….and still your husband.”

“I don’t care about him,” I could taste the bitterness from those words she spoke. He leaves me all alone to hunt these ridiculous artifacts that supposedly have supernatural powers. He doesn’t care about me. He only cares about power.”

“He’s gone again?” I asked. She gave me a look. She started to say something smart ass. I cut her off. “It’s to do with what I’m working on.”

“Oh. He’s been gone now….four months.” Maggie said.

Collins might not have been involved in these hits. I asked Maggie. She laughed, shook her head.

“No. he created the group to watch over this city. The collection?” She pointed to a room down the hall. “That is to help protect the group. You see, he has all the power in this tiny city. His sights…..they are set on controlling not just this world, too. He wants the afterlife in his grips as well.”

“What’s going in that building?”

“You have to ask Police Chief Hemlock. It belongs to him, he just uses the Collins construction company to build it.”

I sat up. She grabbed my arm. I smiled at Maggie. “I’m not going anywhere,” I told her. That worried look gave way to relief. “Not until morning Maggie? Will Collins give you up?”

Maggie bit her lower lip. She started to speak, then stopped. She closed her eyes, tears trickled down her flushed cheeks. She reopened her eyes and nodded. “I have a way out.”

“Will he give you up?” I asked again.

“He will have to,” Maggie said with conviction.

I put my arms around her. She kissed me. I gently laid her down beside me. Maggie crawled up against me.

“What kind of life do you imagine for us?” I asked.

She laughed. “I haven’t gotten that far yet.”

“Can you see yourself as a mother?”

Maggie sat up, thought a second. She turned quickly to me. “I never wanted any of this. I thought I cared about money. Power used to excite me. I think it clouded my judgment. What I always dreamed of, since I was a little girl, was old-fashioned. My mother was a lawyer. She had three husbands, none were my birth father. You damn right I can see myself as a mother. I tried hard for years, Pete. First by him,” Maggie pointed at a framed photo of Collins shaking hands with President Reagan. “Then it was with any man that would have me. That just bored the shit out of me. So…I gave up. Childless and unhappy with anything and everything at my fingertips. What a life.”

Yeah, I thought.  What a life.

Then I jolted upright. Maggie sprung up, too. “What? What is it, Pete?”

“Do you still have the Spellcaster?” I asked.

“Yeah. What are you thinking? I’m not sure you should screw with that—-”

“I need you to look something up for me,” I stood, put on my pants. I walked over to the couch and retrieved my shirt and jacket.  She was giving me that look, the one that says you’re gonna fuck this up.

I looked at her, threw my hands in the air. “What?”

“Listen to me. When someone….someone uses those spells, they can never stop.” Maggie said. She crossed the room, sat on the couch. “I’m telling you. You’ll start, get used to making everything easy. One day you will have a spell go wrong—”

“Whoa–” I tried to get a word in, but Maggie wasn’t having it.

“And that dark mourning of the soul will end it all!” She screamed at me.

I eased myself on the couch beside her. She was getting hysterical. I needed to say or do what I could to get her calmed down and reverse that spell.

“Just …look, Maggie. Trust me. I know I have always said I won’t use anything supernatural to get an edge….unless,” I wagged a finger. “Unless I have to. If this is who I think is using this Sicarous to kill people….they might use it again to kill me.”

I could see in her eyes a light switch was turned on. She started to well up. Maggie grabbed my hands, took them into hers. “Okay,” She said. “I’ll do it. Give me a few hours to find the spell you want. Just promise me this will be the last time you use it.”

I said what I needed to say. I agreed, knowing I could never keep that promise.

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