Down the Drain #5

Angelica, Carter, Tiffany, and Brad scour T-Birds market looking for anything they can use for defense.

“What the hell do you fight a demon with?” Brad says, frantically knocking items off shelves.

“Booze!” Carter shouts.

“Great, what are we gonna do? Party with it?” Brad patronizes.

“No, dumbass. We’re gonna burn it.” Carter responds holding two gallons of Everclear.

“Good idea,” Angelica says running over and grabbing bottles as well.

Correcting them, Brad says “No, not a good idea. You said it’s a demon. Like hellfire and shit. You can’t burn a demon.”

“It’s just a fucking word I used. I don’t know if it’s a demon, but I do know that most things burn,” Angelica answers, grabbing a gaudy Lake Hali tourist t-shirt and attempting to rip it.

“Fuck,” Brad surrenders and helps Angelica rip the shirt into strips.

“Tiff, grab some lighters,” Carter asks, pointing to the cigarettes behind the counter.

Beams of natural light pour through the store’s windows, Brad notices and runs to a side window looking out at the gas station next door, “It’s a car!” he yells.

At Brad’s yell, Angelica looks up from shoving rips of cloth into Everclear bottles and sees the gaunt silhouette of the creature move past the front window in the direction of the lights, a blue blur that sends chills down her spine.


“Fuck, that thing is moving toward them,” she says as she, Carter, and Tiffany join brad at the window.

Out of the window, they can see a middle-aged woman and a young man getting out of a car at one of the gas pumps. The woman starts pumping gas as the young man starts walking toward the station’s building.

“There is still some power over there,” Tiffany notes. “We have to tell them to get out of here.”

Brad yells out the window, “Hey, you dumb shits! You need to get the fuck out of here!”

Tiffany starts waving the lighter in the window trying to get the people’s attention as the rest of the group join in, yelling to the strangers at the gas station to leave and get help.

After a few moments, the young man notices the group warning him. He walks back toward the woman.

“He saw us!” Tiffany yells in excitement.

“Oh, thank god,” Angelica mutters.

Her relief is broken when Carter announces that the young man is coming towards them. The fervor rises again as the quartet starts screaming and yelling at the kid as he starts moving closer to them.

kinds-in-window-smaller-217x300-3590808As he gets closer Angelica realizes that he’s just a teen, a teen that of course has no idea what waits for him in the woods. He gets close enough that he can hear and makes eye contact with her.

“Run, get the fuck out of here! Don’t come here! Get in your car and call for help, you dumb shit!” Angelica screams at him. Behind the boy is what Angelica assumes to be his mother, and behind her, the blue twisted form of Biscuit.

“Fuck, fuck, fuck! Behind you! Behind you!” She screams again pointing behind the boy.

The boy turns. He takes a moment to register the horror behind the woman and he starts running toward her yelling, “Mom!”.

It is too late. With a lightning-fast bite and pull the creature that was once Biscuit practically rips the woman in half, leaps on the car and stares down her new prey as the lights at the station go out. The boy stumbles back falling down in the darkness as the hideous blue corpse descends upon him eviscerating him in a moment.

Out of instinct, all four of the spectators drop to the floor of the store out of sight of the window.

After a few moments of silence, Angelica speaks, “We have to fight. We don’t have a choice.”

“How the hell are we supposed to beat that thing?” Tiffany asks.

“It doesn’t matter,” Angelica responds. “It’s either die on our feet or die on our backs. My father will send Charles. My father will send Harry.”

“Who the hell are Charles and Harry?” Brad asks.

“Charles is my Dad’s husband… my stepdad and Harry is, like on the run or something, but they will help us. They deal with this sorta thing” She tells him, half telling herself as well.

“Fucking great. Some gay dude and a con on the lamb. That’s what we’re waiting for,” Brad mumbles.

Normally, Angelica would take offense to the statement, but now it seems of little importance and all she says is, “We have to fight.”

“Ok then, we fight.” Carter chimes in standing up and moving toward the bottles of Everclear, their do-it-yourself arsenal of Molotov cocktails.

They each grab two of the incendiary devices and slowly approach the door, feet numb and legs of jelly. Tiffany takes her lighter and lights each of the rags sticking out of the bottles.

Angelica takes the lead, “Listen I know we’re are all scared, but we’re in a wooden building. When we do this we have to go outside to her. We can’t mess this up or we’ll burn down our own fort. Got it?” She makes sure to make eye contact with each and makes sure that it is responded with a nod.

Angelica pinches one of the Molotov cocktails in her armpit and twists the door handle and pulled it in just enough to get the toe of her shoe between it and the frame. She returns the weapon to her hand and makes eye contact again, then she swings the door open with her foot.

The four stand in the doorway, illuminated by the flame at each bottle. In front of them is the dark stretch of the two lanes of the highway. On the other side of the highway, perched atop a high concrete retaining wall is the creature. It’s eyes glint at them, it’s teeth barely visible yet undeniably there.

The creature’s head drops low as her shoulders raise up and that hideous metallic buzz saw noise cuts through the night air again, rattling the windows of the store and blowing a hot breeze across the group’s faces. In fear they all look down to get reassured that the rags in their bombs are still burning, to each one’s relief, they are.

molotov-cocktail-smaller-236x300-2707492“Good ol’ Everclear,” Brad says.

The creature drops the ten or so feet from the top of the retaining wall landing unphased on the far shoulder or the highway, then starts walking toward the store. As she approaches the intention in her eyes is clear, as if they needed it to be. Her blood-stained tongue outlines the ridges of her razor teeth and smile.

“Wait until she’s a little closer,” Angelica orders, as she steps forward out of the doorway and into the parking lot of the store. The others reluctantly follow her, “Hold,” she commands. As the creature approaches, she takes another step closer followed by the terrified trio behind her.

“Hold,” she repeats as much to herself as to her battalion.

With the creature just twenty feet away she yells, “Now!” letting the first of the Molotov cocktails fly, followed by the other and then the rest from the group. The glass bottles soar through the air in seemingly slow motion. The first bottle hits the ground as the liquid spreads around the demonic girl’s feet. There is a moment of fear, a fear of failure, a fear that the fire did not start. Shoulders drop in slight repose as the liquid glows blue for a second and then explodes with the impact of the following bottles into a burst of flame running like rivers across the highway. The creature is completely engulfed. Billows of hot wind blow across them.

biscuit-5-smaller-223x300-4126322“Yes!” Carter cries, arms up in victory.

Down the highway, they hear a screeching of tires and see headlight coming toward them at a high rate of speed.

“It’s my dad’s car!” Angelica sobs.

They look at their rescue coming toward them quickly, a solid black old beast of a car

“Oh, fuck me,” Tiffany says, the others looking to see.

The body of Biscuit is emerging unphased from the flame. With that horrible buzzsaw sound and gust of air, the flames at her feet are pushed away as she continues her path toward them.

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