of eons and stars part 1 Through the Woods to See the Blackness Between the Stars We are introduced to budding music journalist, Angelica Whateley, as she tries to climb from under her father's shadow by writing an article on the band, Ivan Rocket and the Blackness Between the Stars. - read
of eons and stars part 2 Rock n’ Roll is the Cure We finally meet the enigmatic Ivan Rocket as Angelica interviews him, but her true shock comes as she witnesses her inaugural viewing of Ivan Rocket and the Blackness Between the Stars. - read
of-eons-and-stars-part-3 Picked Up Hillbilly Goblins and Bourbon Picked Up Angelica's father, Professor Whateley, and his husband, Charles show up after the show on their way to investigate a story from a backwoods farmer. - read
Hillbilly Goblins and Bourbon Set Aside Angelica's father, Professor Whateley, and his husband, Charles show up after the show on their way to investigate a story from a backwoods farmer. - read
oeas-part-4 Ivan’s Secret We learn a secret about Ivan, Angelica's article hits the racks, and Buddy looks for another source of help with his goblin problem in Part 4: Of Eons and Stars. - read
Angelica’s Thereafter Angelica's article on Ivan Rocket and the Blackness Between the Stars is a success and she gets a new assignment to write about a band called Down the Drain. - read
Another Goblin Plea After trying to get help from The Professor and Charles, Buddy takes his plea to a seemingly higher source. - read
Angelica, Down the Drain Angelica arrives in Bolton for her new writing assignment, writing an article about a new goth-prep band called Down the Drain. - read
Breakfast Bizarre Angelica meets the subject matter for her new article, a goth-preppy band called Down the Drain while Father Pleasant prepares to look into Buddy's goblin problem and has a strange run-in with Mrs. Shrewsbury. - read
Biscuit, Down the Drain Angelica hears the story fo Down the Drain from Carter and learns that there may be more to the story than previously thought. - read
A Demon Call Charles and The Professor get a steak and bitter coffee at Abuela Betty’s Chophouse where The Professor receives a phone call from Harry. - read
You Keep Your Phone On and You Run The Professor and Charles get a steak and some bitter coffee, but that's not all, they also receive a terrifying phone call from Angelica as she faces down a demon in Nightmare Lake. - read
Down the Drain, Down the Drain Angelica and the surviving members of Down the Drain run from Nightmare Lake and their now possessed friend. - read
Altare Deorum After a successful show, the band, Ivan Rocket and the Blackness Between the Stars shows up at their next gig, the graduation ball at Altare Deorum Catholic. - read
End of the Road A mother and her son driving home from college meet an unexpected horror in the woods. - read
The Other Side of the Call The Professor and Charles abruptly finish their meal at Abuela Betty's when they receive disturbing news about Angelica's situation with Down the Drain at Nightmare Lake. - read
Down the Drain #5 After seeing yet another death at the hands of the creature that used to be Biscuit, the remaining survivors from Nightmare Lake decide to fight back. - read
Charles, Down the Drain Charles arrives on the scene to save Angelica and the remaining Down the Drain band members, but will Charles be enough? - read
Harry, Down the Drain Harry and the creature from another world collide and Incubus finally makes his appearance in the final chapter of Down the Drain. - read
Back to School We pick up the story with Ivan Rocket and Dark Johnny waking up in an empty RV. - read
Booze and Smokes Father Pleasant visits Buddy to try to get to the bottom of his goblin problem. - read
Coach Gary Beatrice Betwixt from the band, Ivan Rocket, explores the campus and finds what many band kids hated the most at school, the gym teacher. - read
oeas-part-22 Father Pleasant’s Story Father Pleasant tells Buddy the story of how he got to where he is today and what his main purpose is in researching the paranormal. - read
oeas-part-23 Gladys & Mary Dark Johnny experiences an extra bright day as he's forced to take over PR duties for the band with the local Altare Deorum tour guides. - read
oeas-part-24 The Chase Buddy and Father Pleasant chase the Midwich Goblins through the woods to the old mines at the edge of Billington’s Wood. - read
The Cosmic Seed Father Pleasant and Buddy have stayed up watching, saw, and then chased Buddy's Goblins to the mineshaft at the edge of Billington's Wood. Now they enter the cave and get a glimpse of what these creatures have been up to. - read
oeas-part-26 Chili is the Cure Ivan looks for his afternoon coffee and finds some chili and darkness. - read
oeas-part-26 Enter, Father Moses An unsuspecting priest in a small town stumbles across the last two men he expected to see. - read
oeas-part-28 The Library #1 Johnny recounts his induction into Ivan Rocket and the Blackness Between the Stars. - read
oeas-part-29 Patrilogue Father Pleasant runs into an old friend from the church and tries to explain to him that his town is in danger from space goblins. - read
oeas-part-30 The Library #2 Johnny's boring tour of the school end with a hunt for the restrooms in the library, but is something hunting Johnny? - read
oeas-part-31 The Sundowners #1 Billy sits on a bar's front steps in the small town of Kingsport waiting for the most fearful person he can find. - read
oeas-part-32 The Library #3 While Johnny texts Ivan in the bathroom he gets a terrifying visitor. - read
The Sundowners The Sundowners #2 Billy primes Joshua to freak out at just the right moment so that Billy can bask in the wake of the chaos. - read
oeas-part-34 The Library #4 Johnny finds himself face to face with the librarian. - read
oeas-part-35 Father Pleasant and Professor Whateley Revisited Father Pleasant goes to his estranged friend for help discovering the origin and purpose of the strange metallic space fruit. - read
oeas-part-36 This Ain’t The Planet of Sound #1 Toggles and Varistor find the music hall and sneak in only to be discovered by a rather haughty teacher in yellow. - read
oeas-part-37 The Posse #1 Billy and Joshua head out to the old mine at the edge of Billington’s Wood at the tail end of an armed posse that's ready to fight, which is exactly what Billy wants. - read
oeas-part-38 This Ain’t The Planet of Sound #2 Toggles and Varistor leave Dr. Hayhurst and stumble across a schoolgirl with "not the nicest" things to say about the Professor and the school. - read
oeas-part-39 The Posse #2 Billy hints at his true agenda to Father Moses, but before there can be a confrontation the situation changes. - read
oeas-part-40 The Call to Nicolas Ivan Rocket and the Blackness Between the Stars reunite back at the RV to have an uncomfortable conversation with Nicolas on the phone. - read
oeas-part-41 The Mid-Century Modern Annexe Angelica leads Father Pleasant through Whateley Manor to the The Mid-Century Modern Annexe anterior in Empire City. - read
oeas-part-42 Gerontophilia Ivan Rocket finds himself drawn toward Peggy again while trying to find a place to smoke a joint. - read
oeas-part-43 Driving, Down the Drain Angelica shares her experience with Down the Drain with Father Pleasant as they drive to see Hemy about the strange space fruit. - read

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