Latin: Tribus de Mysterio – (Tribe of Mystery)

Greek: Τρία από το μυστήριο / Tría apó to mystírio – (Tribe of Mystery)

Sanskrit: rahasyaM gaNa – (Mystery Tribe)

Egyptian: மர்மத்தின் பழங்குடி / Marmattiṉ paḻaṅkuṭi – (Tribe of Mystery)

The Tribes of light and dark – ah’ra’eh’sek’eh’tak – In the old whispers
The Tribe of Light – ah’ra’eh’sek – In the old whispers
The Tribe of Dark – ah’ra’eh’tak – In the old whispers

The tribes are an ancient sect of humans that believe that universal balance is the purpose of life. there are two sides. the light and dark. each side creates what they are and tallies what they are not.

there are levels

people that perform evil one on one
people that record good one on one

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