The Music Of Eons and Stars

Amour Artisanat

Solitude and silence help Amour Artisanat create techno cosmic horror scapes for your listening pleasure. A dark garage, a diet coke, cheap headphones and an electronic rig that would make the saddest garage rocker blush are his tools and moody atmospheric electro horror blues are his goal.

Muzak Mysterioso

Muzak Mysterioso is a mysterious trio of multi-instrumentalists all specializing at the xylophone and marimba and sick Bossanova beats... kinda. No one is sure who the members are, but their enigmatic stage performances have garnered them quite the rabid following of elevator music enthusiasts.

Down the Drain

Dark goth and edgy meets prepped up and looking for a paycheck in the world's first Goth-Prep band, Down the Drain. Rising stars on the drugged up rich kid scene heralding from Bolton.

Ivan Rocket and the Blackness Between the Stars

Do a bass player/singer and a blindfolded band with loads of electronics playing rockabilly and pop songs seem weird enough? Throw in revivalist style performances and a literal cult following of weirdos that are all trying to be cured of "The Blackness" and you have Ivan Rocket and the Blackness Between the Stars.


We all know those late 70s and 80s punk bands that either don't know when to quit or are just too damn cool to consider quitting, playing half-filled bars and quarter filled outdoor festivals at native casinos. If you do know, then you know Scabwagon.

The Pop Rocks

Bass and keyboard duo of Tiffany Tiffany and Debbie Debbie made up the now-defunct prep-pop band, The Pop Rocks. The two members went on to be founding members of the goth-prep band, Down the Drain.

Diablo Jones

It is a general consensus that Diablo Jones is the only DJ at the moment that is worth a damn in Arkham.

DJ TeeJay

It is a general consensus that DJ TeeJay is by in large the worst DJ in Arkham.

Arkham Area Radio

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