Primis Vultus Sporarum Finalem

Almost 4 billion years ago, on the Vaalbara Supercontinent, during the earliest formations of life on planet earth, a large intergalactic spore crash-landed. The spore would later be retronymed “Primis Vultus Sporarum Finalem” (The First and Last Looking Spore) from its previously unknown title. At the time it impacted the Pilbara Craton which is now located in the north-western section of Western Australia.

No intelligent life existed on the planet at the time so the crash was not recorded in any earthly database.

It is believed to be the first spore sent out from the “Principium Vita Filicophyta”, The Life Tree, or Fern.

The Principium Vita Filicophyta is the oldest known life in the universe.


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