Meet Pete Chambers. A con artist who stumbles on the supernatural he never knew existed in his city. Follow him as he gets caught up in a deadly love affair that is destined to self-destruct in this James M. Cain-esque book filled with demons and ghosts.

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Hellspeak Cover pt 1

Chapter 1: Dead End Friends pt 1

She walked by, the air was consumed by perfume. She was a tall brunette with legs up to her neck. She dressed like she had money, only you never know when a broad has money or not. Many times I've sat at Nicky's and had a couple of drinks when a squeeze would pop in,...

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Hellspeak The Messenger 4

Chapter 2: The Messenger pt 4

Meanwhile, I visited someone who might be able to decipher this special message. Fred Roos was a guy who used to work for the Museum specializing in old languages, Latin, etc. He was also one of the biggest heroin addicts I've ever known. When he lost his job with the...

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