of eons and stars
of eons and stars

Of Eons and Stars

Of Eons and Stars is a serialized "comic-style" story written in a short story format with accompanying music and artwork.

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of eons and stars part 1

Through the Woods to See the Blackness Between the Stars

We are introduced to budding music journalist, Angelica Whateley, as she tries to climb from under her father’s shadow by writing an article on the band, Ivan Rocket and the Blackness Between the Stars.

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The Library #2

Johnny’s boring tour of the school end with a hunt for the restrooms in the library, but is something hunting Johnny?

Audio Dramas

Jewel of the Cat Goddess Thumbnail ep 2

The Cult of Sekhmet

The Professor and Charles have acquired the Jewel, but they are quickly discovering that the acquisition was only the beginning as they flee for their lives from murderous cat worshiping cultists. To listen to the audio drama, play the video belowJewel of the Cat...

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