About Archaic Media

Train Trestle over the Scaramento River
Train/Sacramento River in Redding

Media Production

Archaic Media creates and markets media, both for artistic and commercial purposes. It might seem odd to merge creation, marketing, arts and advertising all under one roof but, thanks to the ol’ internet there is very little distinction between many forms of media today. It is uncommon that the artistic won’t bleed into the commercial and the commercial not bleed into the artistic. The same can be said for marketing and creation.

We’ve found that as we have learned a set of skills for any one of these (arts, marketing, etc) that same set of skills, with a twist, can be applied to another and that the learning process can be mutually beneficial to both.

So, which one do you prefer? Art or Advertising?

You’ll get a different answer for that depending on who you ask and on what day, but there is enough love of art, design and technology around here for all aspects to be covered effectively at any given moment.

Archaic Media is Located in Redding, CA

Archaic Media
1835 Hartnell Ave #152
Redding, CA 96002
(530) 255-4420