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10 Questions for Lou Patrou

Lou Patrou has been drawing and painting faces and figures since the 1960s. Patrou's work is sometimes difficult to categorize because he...



Chapter 4: Hellspeak pt 5

I turned the doorknob, the front door slowly opened. There Maggie was, standing in the middle of the foyer, completely naked, her long chestnut hair was down past her shoulders, her arms open wide.


This Ain’t The Planet of Sound

Toggles and Varistor find the music hall and sneak in only to be discovered by a rather haughty teacher in yellow.


At the Mountains of Madness Chapter 8

Naturally, Danforth and I studied with especial interest and a peculiarly personal sense of awe everything pertaining to the immediate...

Eerie Comics Revisited: The Stranger in Studio X

It was the weirdest fifteen minutes that anyone at radio station WBOR ever remembered. [pdf-embedder...


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