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10 Questions for Andy Rausch

Andy Rausch has written nearly fifty books, including fiction and nonfiction. His fiction titles include Layla’s Score, American Trash, and Until One of Us Is Dead.



Chapter 6: Chicken Scratch 7-9

Six girls were led by the fat lady into another room with red and black checkered wallpaper and furniture. All the girls were golden-skinned, light brown or red-tinged hair, wearing white camisole and stockings.


Driving, Down the Drain

Angelica shares her experience with Down the Drain with Father Pleasant as they drive to see Hemy about the strange space fruit.


The Phoenix on the Sword Chapter 5 pt 2

Ascalante did not look toward the door; he had eyes only for the wounded king. He supposed that the noise of the fray had at last roused...

Eerie Comics Revisited: Phantoms of Reality

“What’s the matter with you, Hinch!” I barked at him, “You’re not afraid of a king snake, are you?”


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