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10 Questions for Lily Mercado

Lily Mercado is a sketch artist, known for her work with Topps in Garbage Pail Kids, Star Wars, Mars Attacks, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle,...



Chapter 7: The Spirit Fix Pt 2

I saw her cross the street at Lexington and Dim. Behind her, a green mist formed and seemed to follow her as she walked like a cat on the prowl.


Driving, Down the Drain

Angelica shares her experience with Down the Drain with Father Pleasant as they drive to see Hemy about the strange space fruit.


The Land That Time Forgot Pt 5

The steaks we had that night, and they were fine; and the following morning we tasted the broth. It seemed odd to be eating a creature...

Eerie Comics Revisited: Master of the Cats

Ellen gazed into the Chinese crystal. Its blue depths reflected the shifting colors of the old witch-woman’s hut.


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