Rediscover Pulp Magazines

Pulp magazines were a popular form of fiction in the first half of the twentieth century. The term pulp derives from the cheap wood pulp paper on which these magazines were printed, as well as from their ragged edges and untrimmed pages.

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Writing A Mystery

I would like to write a story (a series of stories really) about Spooky Hawkshaw, an undead detective. My parents loved Mysteries and my mom was friends with two mystery writers, so it was a common topic around the house. Now days, the mystery has been over taken by the thriller, so much so that… Continue reading Writing A Mystery

Structuring Your Podcasts

Free-form podcasting has its place. There is something cool about just sitting down with a mic, some facts and some tunes and broadcasting out to the world. There is also the concept of segmented podcasts. This is similar to a radio clock. The concept is to split your cast up into themes digestible or palatable… Continue reading Structuring Your Podcasts

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