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August 19, 2017
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Monsters of Search

Search Engine Optimization and Online Marketing Business

What’s the point in making great media if you can’t get it out there?

The Monsters of Search are our marketing arm. Monsters of Search started out as an SEO company, but as SEO has changed so has the business.

SEO is no longer just about driving traffic. It’s about driving the right traffic and helping those visitors to convert once they get there. The world of the internet has blown the traditional linear sale funnel into pieces and it’s now your job as a business owner to make your business available for ll the channels that buyers are now taking.

The Monsters of Search specialize in identifying those key conversion channels and opening them up to your potential clients.

How do The Monsters of Search do it?

First and foremost we do it by learning and growing. The Monsters of Search are key players in the “Being Found” movement as well as “Project Hometown”. Both of which help businesses grow and adapt to the internet.

Being Found

“Being Found” explores the concept that you must first and foremost make your business available. The concept is to make sure that you are able to be contacted and sell through all the channels that you potential customers are using. From that point statistics are measured and key channel points are expanded upon to grow business. There are a lot of different types of internet users out there, each is a potential client demographic. We help you to find those demographics and, starting with the most profitable, expand your website’s reach.

Project Hometown

Project Hometown is the movement to bring eCommerce to local communities. What you’re thinking is that it’s already there, but truth be told it just isn’t. Big box sites are sweeping up most of the eCommerce traffic on the web. Project Hometown is a movement to help local communities start selling goods and services on the web.

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